The SNP is a social democratic party committed to Scottish independence.  Formed in 1934, the party has had a strong presence in East Kilbride over many years; some of our longest-serving members first joined a local SNP branch over 50 years ago.

Lanarkshire has seen many milestones in the growth of the SNP:

  • a by-election in Motherwell in 1945 saw the SNP gain its first Member of Parliament, Dr Robert MacIntyre;
  • the election of Winnie Ewing at the Hamilton By-election of 1967 is often cited as the beginning of the modern SNP; and,
  • before stepping down to fight the Govan By-election in 1973, Margo MacDonald was the party’s candidate for East Kilbride.

As a mark of this continuity, 2014 marked the 40th Anniversary of our branch banner, here seen in use in 1974 as Margo greets her successor as candidate for East Kilbride.

Margo welcoming Gordon Murray as SNP Candidate for EK

The SNP represents the people of East Kilbride at all levels of government. With councillors in each of the town’s five wards, Linda Fabiani MSP representing the town in the Scottish Parliament, Lisa Cameron MP down in Westminster, and two SNP MEPs elected to the European Parliament, the SNP has more representatives working on behalf of East Kilbride than any other party.


In recent months, many hundreds of new members have joined East Kilbride SNP, determined to defend Scotland’s interests in the years ahead. In addition to branch meetings, we hold regular members’ meetings in each of the five wards in East Kilbride.

Between the branch and ward meetings, and the upcoming campaign for the Scottish Parliament, members have plenty of opportunity to become active for the SNP within their own community.

To boost our campaigning, and with the support of our new members, East Kilbride SNP has opened a local office, at 5 Strathmore House, G74 1LF in East Kilbride Town Centre. Opening times will be posted on this website and on our social media outlets on a regular basis.

If you want to know more about the work of the SNP locally, please get in touch with us – our email address is contact@eksnp.scot.

East Kilbride SNP is directed by a committee which is directly elected by local members.


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